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'We do what we want' is a primary premise in the approach I take to counseling.

Finding clear reflection and an understanding of what that means to each client is where we will begin.  


Purpose creates happiness, balance, and reason, and helps us to feel a sense of deep satisfaction. Let us discover your passion and purpose together.


Is there something amiss with your partner or yourself that is negatively affecting your connection and the joy in your relationship?  It is critical to locate the source and develop a healthy and proactive response to move towards happiness and a deeper fulfillment in your union.  


My counseling style is based on Reality Therapy; our choices are powerful. I will help my clients to take stock of where he or she is, where they truly desire to be and help search your soul to determine what he or she is willing to do to achieve success as you define it.



I can assist you to heal your trauma. PTSD affects every person with whom we are connected and reveals itself differently in each of us. 

I cannot change what you have been through but I am devoted to working together to appreciate, find healthy skills, and ways to process, think about, and learn to live with your past experiences.

While appreciating important and sensitive issues, I am easy to smile and sometimes use humor to understand and gain perspective.  


I grew up traveling the world as a military brat and was a 25-year military wife, which lends a broad perspective of family dynamics and humanity in many cultures and regions of the United States. I am also able to offer OFF THE RECORD outreach for the military.


Most issues find their way into the bedroom and can destroy the needed physical connection. Let us discover what is hurting your intimacy and make the changes needed to give and receive reciprocal satisfaction.  I am a compassionate listener, and my ear is directly connected to my heart and mind.


I am eager to establish a trusting, comfortable and easy relationship with my clients. I feel that this is imperative to successful counseling. I will encourage clients to take a personal accounting of the strength that lies within themselves, as well as what development they desire to accomplish to create a fulfilling and satisfying life.


Unfortunately, there is no magic wand to wave and fix marriages- but we will give it everything we have to try!  If counseling reveals divorce to be the healthiest option to heal and  live your authentic life, I will be here for you and all involved to process this transition and forge a more powerful effective path forward.  I feel my toolbelt of resources is full of useful tools, insights, techniques, and intuitions which are powered by my intention to help my clients to reach his or her fullest most desired potential.


We are each on a unique journey through life, and together I think we can forge a solid path and establish skills to meet the challenges that might arise


Trauma, Anxiety, and  Depression

LIFE HAPPENS...Trauma need not be a presence in your present! I can help you process and move through past trauma. In addition to and beyond my education and training, I have personal experience with aging parents, issues with sexual expression, substance abuse, divorce, and blended families.  


Each of these issues and so much more can cause conscious and subconscious anxiety and depression in our lives.  Let us get to the source of that stress and learn skills to be able to respond in a balanced and healthy and resilient way.

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