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Karen Jensen Counseling 

At Karen Jensen Counseling I offer an in-depth connection in Individual, Couples (relational, emotional, and sexual), Family, and Group counseling based in Colorado Springs.


The desire or need for counseling can be a result of specific trauma or just a cumulative effect of life events. Whether an issue occurs in one’s community, job, friendship circle, family, or…bedroom, I will utilize my extensive training, life experience, intuition, and understanding of who you are to gain results that will enable you to THRIVE.



Sometimes, the goal in pursuing counseling is obvious, but the path to achieving it isn’t. Other times we experience symptoms that reveal deeper issues but about which we have been unaware.  


Are you “stuck” in a vicious cycle?  Do you just need some help figuring out the path from A to B to C? Every situation is unique and every situation is valid. Together, we will figure out that situation, set goals, and identify choices to move forward and live the authentic life and truth you desire.




From my life experience, I feel that it is important to get to meet the therapist and ensure that it feels like a good fit.  The therapist-client relationship is one that is deeply intimate and it is critical that you feel comfortable and open and that sense of trust in our therapeutic relationship that will be necessary for therapy to be effective.

Bachelor’s of Arts, Communication – California State University
Master’s of Science, Marriage, Couples, and Family Counseling – Walden University
Licensed Practical Counselor
Continuing Education
CERTIFIED Clinical Trauma Professional- GENTRY
Healing from Sexual Trauma- TIZZANO
Building Trust, Love, and Loyalty in Relationships – GOTTMAN
Sex Made Simple-MCCARTHY
High Conflict Divorce:  Children, Teens/Adolescents, and the Couple- LEES 
EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) – HARTUNG
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