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Authenticity By Healing Past Trauma

At Karen Jensen Counseling, “It’s all about you…But you are not alone”.


I am 

here for you.


I begin our therapeutic relationship with a






I  will sit with you, enjoy a hot cup of coffee, and get a feel for what is happening in your world, and why you felt the need to come in-from that comes a plan of action.

Karen Jensen M.S., LPC

As a therapist, my training involves classic theories and approaches, and I believe that sometimes it is necessary to combine, modify, and customize these tools to each specific client’s needs. I combine neuro-science and talk therapy to meet your needs 


I believe in allowing the client to guide the pace, although I will guide you on the selected course to help you reach your intended successful outcome.​


I would like to thank you for visiting. No doubt if you are reading this you are reaching out, this could be because of one or several things to a wide range of issues.  I have been through my own challenges which have led me into this profession-let's get busy.



Because of my personal experiences interviewing counselors, I have chosen to offer a complimentary initial consultation.  This will allow you to meet with me and get a feel for my approaches, style, ease of conversation, and bottom line, whether you feel I am a good fit for meeting your counseling needs.


Please have a browse around my website and see if the sort of counseling I offer fits your needs... if it does let's set up your complimentary appointment today. 


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